TESTING GROUND: United Kingdom

Testing Ground

Exercise 1

Watch the medical study-video and answer the questions below with True or False.

1. A woman was admitted in the hospital with a heart attack.

2. The doctor examines the women and sends her for a blood test.

3. The woman has high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

4. The doctor recommends that the woman starts a diet in order to gain some weight.

5. Obesity contributes to high cholesterol and hypertension.

6. The doctor recommends a diet rich on salt, fats, sweets and red meat.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences below by using the words on the right.

  • 1) Reduce the



  • 2) Avoid drinking too much


  • 3) Get regular check-ups at the



  • 4) Get enough sleep at



  • 5) Eat a healthy



  • 6) Exercise



  • 7)



  • 8)


    your weight.

  • 9) Limit the intake of salt,


    , sweets and red meat in your diet.

  • 10) Keep tabs on your



  • don’t
  • fats
  • night
  • doctor
  • control
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • blood pressure
  • diet
  • regularly

Exercise 3

Match the picture with the word it refers to by turning cards two by two. If there is a match, the cards with stay open. If not, they will close again and you will have to continue with the attempts.

Good work!
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