TESTING GROUND: United Kingdom

Testing Ground

Exercise 1

Watch the medical study-video and answer the questions below.

1. The symptoms of the man include:

2. The doctor suggests that the man…

3. What traumatic event caused the patient’s post-traumatic stress disorder?

4. How much time will it take for the man to recover?

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences below by using the words on the right.

  • 1) Seek help if you have had a



  • 2) Talk to a


    if you have any of the symptoms

  • 3) Screen parents who are



  • 4) Pay attention if you notice any of the


    in others and consult a specialist.

  • mentally
  • symptoms
  • traumatic
  • specialist

Exercise 3

Match the picture with the word it refers to by turning cards two by two. If there is a match, the cards with stay open. If not, they will close again and you will have to continue with the attempts.

Good work!
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