TESTING GROUND: United Kingdom

Testing Ground

Exercise 1

Watch the medical study-video and answer the questions below with True or False.

1. The woman has a burning feeling when urinating.

2. The woman doesn’t have any other symptoms or complaints.

3. The woman has a urinary tract infection.

4. The doctor says that her condition is a result of drinking too much milk.

5. The doctor sends the woman for an X-ray test.

6. The woman will soon become a mother.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences below by using the words on the right.

  • 1)


    plenty of water.

  • 2) Have regular check-ups if you are


    and follow the doctor’s advice.

  • 3) Use latex



  • 4) Get


    for STDs and HIV.

  • 5) Include iron-rich


    in your diet.

  • 6) Avoid hot



  • 7) Avoid unprotected



  • 8) Keep good personal



  • 9)



  • 10) Avoid intercourse with many sexual



  • sex
  • drink
  • reduce
  • foods
  • condoms
  • partners
  • hygiene
  • pregnant
  • tested
  • water
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