TESTING GROUND: United Kingdom

Testing Ground

Exercise 1

Watch the medical study-video and answer the questions below.

1. Why is the man suffering from a heatstroke?

2. The symptoms of the man include:

3. Why does the hospital attendant say that the doctor will see the man immediately?

4. After establishing that the man is suffering from a heatstroke, the doctor says that the man...

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences below by using the words on the right.

  • 1) Protect your


    from the sun.

  • 2) Eat


    when cold.

  • 3) Wear


    clothing for the weather conditions.

  • 4) Protect your skin from the



  • 5) Avoid becoming



  • 6) Avoid intensive


    activities in hot and humid weather.

  • 7) Drink plenty of



  • 8) Move your


    to help warm up.

  • 9)


    exposure to cold / sun.

  • 10) Avoid



  • dehydrated
  • fluids
  • body
  • carbohydrates
  • drinking
  • suitable
  • avoid
  • physical
  • skin
  • sun

Exercise 3

Match the picture with the word it refers to by turning cards two by two. If there is a match, the cards with stay open. If not, they will close again and you will have to continue with the attempts.

Good work!
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